Deaf Awareness Training

Our Deaf Awareness Training comes in the form of three bespoke packages designed to give training based on your needs and level of interaction with the Deaf community.

One Hour Deaf Awareness and Communication Taster

Our one hour session is tailored to raise awareness amongst frontline staff and provide them; with the confidence to identify people with a hearing loss, develop effective communication strategies and knowledge of how and when to book appropriate communication support.

Three Hour Deaf Awareness and Communication Training

Our most popular Deaf Awareness Course enables participants to understand the barriers a person with a hearing loss may face on a daily basis along with strategies that professionals can use to assist them to overcome these barriers including using a range of effective communication techniques.

Six Hour Deaf Awareness and Communication Training

An in-depth course for professionals who meet or work with people with a hearing loss on a regular basis. The course will look at the impact which a hearing loss can have on an individual and also at related conditions such as Tinnitus. Participants will build confidence in communicating with people who are Deaf or have hearing loss by developing effective communication skills and understanding a range of communication methods. Part of the course will be tailor made to meet the needs of the participants such as hearing aid maintenance for support workers or a focus on solutions to improve accessibility in the workplace.  


On completion of the course, participant will receive a certificate relevant to their course.

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