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Why train?

In July 2013 NHS Wales published the All Wales Standards for Accessible Communication and Information for People with Sensory Loss. The Standards suggest; “all staff should be trained in how to communicate effectively with someone with a sensory loss and the training should reflect a person centred approach, particularly important for clinical staff as the patients need to understand what is being communicated to them.” This standard would be an appropriate standard for all organisations to follow. COS is able to deliver training to your staff in an efficient and practical way with minimum disruption to your services, and going a long way to help improve them.

Deaf Awareness Training

Our Deaf Awareness Training comes in the form of three bespoke packages designed to give training based on your needs and level of interaction with the Deaf community.

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Sensory Loss Awareness Training

Learn more about combining your awareness training and begin your understanding of the needs of people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired and with dual sensory loss.

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British Sign Language (BSL) Training

We have numerous British Sign Language (BSL) course available. If you are new to BSL and want a basic introduction or if you interact with Deaf people on regular basis and want accredited courses, COS are here to help and support you.

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Mental Health First Aid

Becoming a Mental Health first aider will give you the necessary skills to have an informed and non-judgmental conversation with people in your organisation.

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Digital Inclusion

Our Digital Inclusion Training is a beginners guide to using a devices such as mobile phones, iPads and Android tablets, iMac's and PC's and MacBook's and Laptops. This course is open to people with and without sensory loss.

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Essential Literacy (Adult)

Adults are often reluctant to admit difficulties with reading and writing. Supporting an adults literacy needs and developing their skills is an important aspects in building self-esteem and showing them the benefits of developing these skills for all aspects of life.

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Our consultancy team can provided professional and expert advice in helping you support, provide services and work with people with a sensory loss.

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Training Guide and Booking Form

You can download a booking form here

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