Who we are

COS is a disabilities charity that has for some years support people with a sensory loss which is where it developed its skill making services and delivering information in the most accessible way. So people with a sensory loss are those who are Deaf or blind, but also hard of hearing or have a visual impairment,. Other people that may have a access need are those who has an additional learning need, or some one with a literacy need. Now you may have a sensory loss or someone you know may do. You may also know someone who has other needs but what if you don't? Why is it important to you?

Let's take sensory loss can affect anyone. Young or old you can be born or lose a sense at any time. What is that like?

Children with a sensory loss affecting hearing or vision can often be treated as if they had learning difficulties where their learning expectations should be the same as for any other child. Sensory loss does mean that some learning will be different from other children, but in the same way, as all children need to learn something different. It is all about access.

This short Deaf awareness video features Catrin and Abi. Sisters, who learn, grow and play together. Catrin can hear but her little sister Abi is Deaf. This however does not change their relationship. They just get on and know each other's needs. Made for children to learn more about being Deaf, it is a video that we can all learn something from.

This is just one of the things COS does. Creating resources such as this allows children with a sensory loss the greatest access of all. Access to other children and a world that does not exclude them from play and learning. You can watch this video in Welsh here and with BSL here.

Sensory loss can be something that develops because of an accident, illness or commonly, old age. It can be a profound experience not only to lose a sense but to also get it back. Here is Sandra's Story.

Donations, fundraising, legacy and sponsorship make such a difference. They can turn a strange into a friend by simple signing hello and give a grandmother a chance to smile with a grandchild. It allows our team to go into the community and provide services which are otherwise not available or difficult to get.

We all have a right to information, particularly when it is the most basic information some people take for granted. COS helps do that. Our services support an array of needs and now provides services for children to allow them to access information in a way they understand. COS achieves this with through trained support workers, bespoke training and teaching and industry standard media production to ensure that people access to the information they need.