Are you at home alone more than you would like to be? Would you like to enjoy a regular chat with someone? Are you now able to hear better on the phone again but would like the chance to “practise”? Do you miss getting letters through the post that aren’t bills or circulars?

Family and friends aren’t always available so let us arrange a call or letter to brighten your week.

Many of us can feel a bit isolated or lonely and having a regular catch up with someone can be just what we need - someone to share news or a joke with. 

The Live Well with Hearing Loss project has volunteers who can give you a chance to talk on the phone or regular letters full of news. Our volunteers want to support you to feel more Independent.

What options are currently available?

Face to face will be resuming soon but in the meantime we have -

Telephone or video call – a chat on a phone or tablet with a chance to try out telephone volume buttons (if needed) with someone happy for you to practise!  

Letter writing – a regular letter full of news and cheer to brighten your day.

How Does Befriending Work?

Anybody who is deaf or has hearing loss can be involved. When you have decided which option suits you best, we will find you a suitable volunteer – taking into consideration things such as shared interests, location and any specific requests you might have. Sometimes there may be a wait for the service depending on availability of volunteers. Your volunteer will call or write for a period of 10 weeks (on a day and time agreed by you both).

What can a Volunteer Help with?

Our volunteers are members of the public from a variety of backgrounds who have offered their time to our organisation. What they have in common is that they love a chat and being good company! 

However, they are not allowed to become involved in shopping, household chores/tasks, personal or health care or your financial/legal matters.

Your Safety First

We take very seriously our responsibilities for the safety and welfare of the people who use our services and all our volunteers. Volunteers are carefully selected and trained by our team and satisfactory references are always required.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or you are interested in having a volunteer telephoning or writing to you, then get in contact with us and we will arrange for our volunteer co-ordinator to get in touch. You can also download the Befrienders Booklet