What is the At Home Service? 

We can help you access advice, support and information, to get the most out of equipment services and items such as listening devices, telephones, doorbells, loop systems and alarm bells.  

Alongside the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ we can support you to make informed decision and feel confident about your hearing loss. We also provide information and support to access services, such as the fire service, social services and community groups who may be able to support you further. 



We can show you assistive equipment which can help you with your hearing loss. Some examples if the types of equipment are: 

  • Smoke Alarms 
  • Television Listeners including loops 
  • Personal Listeners 
  • Alarm Clocks  


We are non-profit and make no money from the sale of equipment. This ensures we can give you unrestricted advice and support. We also have equipment which you can try before making any decisions. 


Who Do We Support? 

We can support anyone with hearing loss.   


We work closely with Social Services, Audiology and third sector organisations across Wales and can signpost you further for extra support or information from other organisations.