What is Cael Cymru?

Cael Cymru is a unique leisure and tourism project funded by the Community Lottery Fund.

This project wants to work with you. The businesses, organisations, and groups that make North Wales a wonderful place to visit. So if you do anything from keeping a castle to producing crafts next a pier then Carl Cymru could be for you.

Cael Cymru is designed to help disabled people, specifically those with an information access need and the leisure and tourism industry here in North Wales. Just as you have missed your customers, your customers have missed you. Leisure pursuits are so important to all of our wellbeing. Everyone benefits from what you do but not everyone can access it.

So this project will work with you and help leisure and tourism organisations from across North Wales who want to create a more accessible environment.

This projects importance has the ability to build a new discourse between the disabled community and the leisure and tourism industry. Redefining the relationship for the benefit of social inclusion and equality of access. So please get in touch and let’s begin working together.