Sarah Thomas

Sarah began working for the organisation in 2000 as an Advocate for members of the Community.  She rapidly developed the service regionally across five of the six counties of North Wales. This service has evolved into COS’ current Accessible Information, Advice, Advocacy and Support Service.

Sarah’s excellent insight and ability to develop services where users are at the centre was recognised when in 2016 Sarah became the Community Access Service Manager, overseeing a portfolio of services and delivery teams including Accessible Information Advice and Support Service; Covid19 IAA services, Training and Accessible Health.

In 2018 Sarah, along with four other managers became of a management team that was brought together to oversee a transition period to a new management and organisational structure.

Early in 2021, Sarah became the Managing Director of COS after the success of COS' transition which began in 2018. This was in recognition of her commitment and professionalism.

Sarah enjoys watching films, reading and is an avid baseball and cricket fan.

"Seeing the difference that accessing information so that people can make decision for themselves is amazing, and it is an honour to be a part of it."