Requesting Donations Instead of flowers

Pay tribute to your loved one by requesting donations to COS instead of flowers has become a very popular method of In Memoriam donations. Funeral director's will usually be happy to help with the collection of donations and forwarding of donations to COS.

Sending by Post

Sending is an In Memory cheque is a way many people choose to do this. If you do then please include your own name, address and the details of the person you are remembering so we can personally thank you.  Please do not send any cash in the post.  Cheques should be made payable to the Centre of Sign Sight Sound  and sent to COS at the following address:

Finance Department

Centre of Sign Sight Sound

77 Conwy Road 

Colwyn Bay

LL29 7LN

Make an online In Memory donation

You can make an in memory donation of your loved one on our Just Giving page, or by making a donation using the donation button on the our website, and providing your loved one’s details in the comments section of the donation page.