Payment by Cheque

For security reason please do any money in the post. You can pay any donations collected in cash into your bank account and make a payment to the Centre of Sign Sight Sound for the same total amount to this cover this.

Please print off and complete the Sending your money Form to include cash and cheque payments.  If you did a sponsored event, enclose your Sponsorship Form(s) with your payment so that we can claim the Gift Aid on the appropriate amounts. Please follow the instructions on the Sending Your Money Form and send your forms and payment to the COS at the address in the form.

Download - Sending your money Form
Download - Sponsorship Form

Paying by Bank Transfer (BACS)

If you would like to send us your funds via a bank to bank transfer (BACs), please email us at for the appropriate details.  We will also provide you with a copy of the Send Your Money form.  When you make the transfer, your bank should give you a receipt as proof of payment, but completing and returning the form will help us to confirm that we’ve received your payment and will enable us to say thank you for your hard work and support.