The Accessible Information Standard

It is important that healthcare professionals know the communication and information needs of their patients with sensory loss. The Accessible Information Standard sets out and identifies the standards expected of healthcare professionals for people with sensory loss. This is not a best practice model to aspire to, but a requirement.

COS has worked in partnership with The NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights to create accessible videos and documents to highlight to those with a Sensory Loss what your rights are, and the level of service you should get from your healthcare provider. These videos and documents have been created with the access needs of Deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, blind and partially sighted people at the forefront of their design.

Safon Gwybodaeth Hygyrch (AIS) Taflen BSL a Sain Cymraeg

Accessible Information Standard Leaflet BSL and English


AIS Taflen Melen.pdf

AIS Leaflet Yellow.pdf

AIS Taflen Gwyn.pdf

AIS Leaflet White.pdf

For more information about the Accessible Information Standard go here.