COS' Flintshire Equipment and Technology Service has the responsibility within the county  to provide a hub for information and advice regarding equipment and technology.

The service will work in 3 different ways to bring impartial advice, how to guides and reviews to people living in Flintshire.


  • We will host a range of guides and reviews written by people who use the equipment.

  • We will create a list of places that you can go to buy equipment or to get your existing equipment repaired.

  • We will host new social media pages where followers can hold online discussions in a safe environment.

In the Community

  • We will attend established groups to discuss new developments in equipment and technology. 

  • We, along with our partners will host community events such as workshops, forums and pop-up stands to demonstrate new equipment and technologies.

  • We will organise an annual event to bring manufacturers and suppliers of equipment together to showcase their latest developments.

In the Home

We know that it is not easy for everyone to get out and about and that not everyone has access to the internet, so we will carry out home visits to ensure that everyone has access to our information.  For those people who are interested, we will introduce them to the digital world with some training.

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You can download this brief guide about Technology and Equipment here.

For more information about the Flintshire CSI or about Technology and Equipment please contact or call

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