What is Advocacy?

What is Advocacy?

Access to information is a basic right that everyone should have, but what if your language isn’t written? What if your language is wholly visual? For people with a Hearing Loss, accessing the written word is often problematic and in some cases impossible, resulting in missed appointments, less choice and more reliance on family and/or carers.

What if it is how you need to get this information? Equipment that can help improve the quality of life?

The Information, Advice and Advocacy Service can step in to insure information is presented in an accessible format, as well as getting the right support and equipment available to you.

How do we do that?

The service will translate correspondence, forms and information leaflets; make phone calls either with or on behalf of our customers and advocate the need for appropriate Communication Support.

The service can be contacted in various ways. People can contact us by phone, text message, email, Glide, WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime, or face to face in our office or at one of our drop in sessions.

Does Advocacy make a difference?

It is easy for us to say yes, but it really does. Most of the things in our lives we take for granted are because of people have stood up and fought for those things that are common place today. Sometimes our efforts in advocating for those with sensory loss are huge, while other times they can seem quite small. They do all make a difference. Sometimes they can also change lives. Here is a short video of the effects of hearing loss and what advocacy and benefit that the right support that follows can bring.