About us

About us

COS are here to improve the quality of life and equality of access for Deaf people and people with a sensory loss. To improve their opportunities in all aspects of life.We do this by promoting a world where sensory loss does not limit, preclude or stigmatise people from achieving their full potential.

At COS we believe every person has the right to communicate in the language of their choice

Whether it is English, Welsh, BSL, Braille, Block Alphabet in a list that goes on and on, we believe everyone has the right to communicate in their preferred language.

COS was born in Wales. A country that knows the importance of living in a place where more than one language is spoken. To us Wales is not a bi-lingual, but a tri-lingual society. This is something we will advocate and lobby for not just here in Wales, but the whole of the UK.

Could you imagine going to work, to school, or shopping tomorrow and being forced to speak Italian, Swedish, or Spanish? Well that is what faces every Deaf person in the UK today.

Our goal: A tri-lingual education in Wales, a bi-lingual UK

In Wales it is important that children are immersed in both Welsh and English. We want to take this further so children being educated in Wales are all introduced to sign language, in the same way as they are to Welsh and English.

The majority of Deaf children are born into ‘hearing families’. So it important that the child, their parents and siblings learn to sign. Why stop there though?

We are making huge strides introducing all children to sign language with our school partnerships and Welsh Baccalaureate programmes.