What is Puffins?

What the Puffins sessions can do for you and your family

Firstly, we will not charge for sessions because we want families of all economic means to be involved. Deaf mentors, specialist teachers, play specialists and art therapists will be available at sessions to support the needs of families. 

The basis of this project is to strengthen the speech, language and communication development of your child for whom have potentially struggled and made worse by the pandemic. The aim is for them to start school with age appropriate language levels. 

Children in the early years (and beyond) can boost learning through physical activity. Your child at the indoor sessions and on field trips will be encouraged to move and develop their muscles in a safe environment, countering the sedentary lifestyle imposed on many during lockdowns. 

The sessions are aimed at your child playing with or alongside other pre-school children and will be organised according to age range so children can play with peers, developing social and language skills appropriate for their age. Many deaf children throughout the nation are the only deaf child in their family, classroom and school, these sessions are an early opportunity to show them, they are not different, they are capable, resilient and ready for school. 

We also want to support you. The parent, the sibling, the family. Ninety percent of deaf babies are born to hearing parents with no experience of deafness. So this will be the first hub for parents of deaf children across North Wales. Through these sessions you will meet qualified professionals who will support your family from the earliest opportunity to make a profound difference in your childs life by boosting language development and increasing deaf awareness. Then you will become part of that support networks and create a families network that currently do not exist.

Lets break it down

What will be happening when you are here?

  • Free Stay and Play Sessions 
  • The ability to communicate in Welsh, English and Sign Language and importantly begin your sign language journey.
  • Messy play 
  • Rhyme time 
  • Refreshments 
  • Meeting deafness specialists 

When will it start?

From January 4 we will be starting our Puffins sessions on and at:

  • Tuesdays at the Centre of Sign Sight Sound, 77 Conway Road, Colwyn Bay LL29 7LN 10am - 12pm 
  • Wednesdays at Canolfan Dinorben, Faenol Ave, Abergele LL22 7HT 10am - 12pm 
  • Thursdays at the Centre of Sign Sight Sound, 77 Conway Road, Colwyn Bay LL29 7LN 5pm - 7pm 

Booking is essential. you can call 01492 530013 or email info@signsightsound.org.uk