The Silent Mum

The Silent Mum

Press release date 4th of June 2018

  • Mum of two raises money for local charity with a ‘unique' sponsored silence.
  • British Sign Language learner comes face to face with the problems faced by Deaf people everyday.

During Deaf Awareness Week, mum of two Christine Gill stayed silent for 24hours, only being allowed to use British Sign Language to communicate.

Christine took up the challenge to raise money for Colwyn Bay based charity The Centre of Sign Sight Sound, and raise awareness for the communication problems faced by Deaf people everyday. 

Christine, who is a BSL level 3 student an Llandrillo College was apprehensive as the day approached for many reason. Apart from having to do normal everyday tasks such as shopping without speaking, one particularly worry stood out above the rest in not being able to speak to her children. 

“It was hard when Ipicked up my big girl form school” Christine said, “this is usually our time when we have a really good chat. She told me how she got on at school and I wasnot able to answer her back.”

On the day Christine wore a t-shirt that told people that she was doing, in aeffort to explain to people why she would not be speaking. Although worth while in highlighting Deaf Awareness and raising money for a worth cause, Christine said she found the experience harder that she first thought. 

“I think it is veryimportant that we learn to communicate with Deaf people, especially if you have friends and family members who are Deaf. Being the only signer in a family is soisolating when that is how you communicate.”

Christine raised £469.30 for The Centre of Sign Sight Sound, which will go to help the Deaf community where Christine and her family live. When asked about what she has come to understand about the problems facedby Deaf people Christine stated that; 

“Not being able to relax and have a conversation in your own language, is so frustrating. This is what Deaf peoplehave to go through everyday.”

Any one wanting more information is to contact The Centre of Sign Sight Sound on 01492 530013 or email