COS Newest MHFA Trainer

Mental Health First Aid: Very much on the  Agenda

Holly, who has worked for COS for 8 years has received her licence to instruct people and organisations on how to identify and support people with their mental health.

Asked for why it is important to hold these courses Holly said 'we have courses for physical first aid, which have been proven to save lives, so first aid dedicated to mental health will have the same effect. They will also give a better understanding of mental health. Dispelling some of the myths and breaking the stigma. I am very passionate'. 

Holly who is profoundly Deaf, will deliver these courses to hearing and Deaf students. Holly continued 'the last course I delivered was a mixed class of hearing and Deaf people. It isn't often the case to always have mixed classes when we do training. My classes are often targeted to provide training in BSL or Deaf awareness for hearing people, or access and inclusion courses for Deaf people, so it was nice to have this mix. It gave unique insight to both groups as to how hearing and deafness can affect our mental health, and this better understanding is one of the main goals of the course'.

For more information about Mental Health First Aid course please look here, or contact us for more information.