COVID-19/Coronavirus Information

Here you will find Information and updates

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COVID-19 BSL Information

You can find information about the Lockdown and Coronavirus in BSL here

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Things to do during the Lockdown

Here you will find links to things that you can do inside. From free films to arts and crafts.

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What is JobSense?

JobSense has been funded by the EU and the Wales Government to help people over 25 with a sensory loss – people who are deaf or have hearing loss, and people who have visual impairment – find employment. Read more about what JobSense will do below.

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Why is there a need for JobSense?

Find our why JobSense has been set up and the aims of the project.

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Where will JobSense focus?

Find out where JobSense will be based and who qualifies for the project.

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Want to work for JobSense?

Find out more about careers with the project.

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Want to get your business or organisation involved with JobSense?

Are you a business or organisation looking to employ and want to know more about a person with a Sensory Loss?

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The Future of JobSense across Wales

The partners hope to secure funding in the near future to deliver a similar programme in West Wales & The Valleys. More information soon.

DWP information in BSL

Here you will find BSL information on services and support from the Department for Work and Pentions.

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