Volunteering is an important aspect of all communities. Volunteers are people who selflessly contribute their time, energy and skills to benefit our community.

How our volunteers help us:

  • Supporting people in residential care settings
  • Taking part in our research panels
  • Providing hearing aid maintenance support
  • Running an information stand
  • Running or hosting a peer support group
  • Giving social media support
  • Campaigning for better access to services
  • Distributing leaflets to GP surgeries
  • Leading or taking part in a Campaign Squad
  • Placing collection cans in local shops
  • Carrying out fundraising collections on the high street or in a public place
  • Providing a personal case study
  • Carrying out a ‘bag pack’ in a supermarket to raise money
  • Being a Hearing Check ambassador
  • Doing a presentation or publicly speaking about the cause
  • Writing to your local newspaper about our campaigns
  • Hosting a local fundraising event
  • Stewarding at a marathon or other events
  • Doing interviews with newspapers, radio and TV
  • Talking or writing to MPs about our campaigns

Your role

Whatever your volunteering role, you are an important ambassador representing the charity. When you meet members of the general public, what you say about our work will help to influence support.

As a charity, much of our work is only possible thanks to the donations and gifts in wills that the public so kindly give to us. Please encourage people to support our work in whatever way they can. Please make sure you always carry a few copies of our leaflet that explains the work that we do and how people can help us.

These leaflets will be given to you during your induction training.

What we offer and what we ask

As a volunteer, you’re giving us your time, experience and commitment for free. This makes a real difference to us and we hugely appreciate it. We want you to enjoy your time volunteering with us, so we’ll do our best to make sure you’re always offered:

  • Respect and equal treatment
  • A warm welcome to Centre of Sign-Sight-Sound and to your project
  • A friendly and full introduction to your volunteer role
  • A clear description of your role and what it involves
  • Valuable and interesting volunteer work to do
  • The information you need
  • The training you need
  • Support and recognition for your work
  • Out-of-pocket and travel expenses
  • A safe, accessible environment in which to voluntee
  • A chance to try a variety of volunteer roles.

To make sure our volunteer projects are successful, we ask you to:

  • Work to our shared values
  • Read your volunteer role description carefully
  • Complete any training required
  • Always follow our guidelines when volunteering
  • Tell us if you have a problem
  • Be as reliable as you can – please try to be on time and always tell us if you will be late or cannot make it
  • Support other volunteers
  • Follow our health and safety guidelines at all times
  • Keep all confidential information strictly confidential
  • Give us any ideas and feedback you might have about volunteering

Importantly we want you to enjoy your volunteering and ensure it is as inspiring to you as it will be to the people you help. If you want to know more about joining the team and volunteering for COS the get in touch.