Helen Pugh
Live Well with Hearing Loss at Home Advisor

South Wales

Helen is the At Home Advisor in South Wales. She takes referrals to visit people in their homes and make adaptations to help hearing things around them easier. Helen has also worked with many other agencies to get the right services and support in place for people. 

Before moving over to COS Helen worked for the RNID for nearly 10 years with a variety of projects and funders. 

She said 

"I am really passionate about communication, social connections and reducing isolation. I am a self-confessed technophobe – which sounds very odd being in this sort of role. I feel this gives me a benefit of being able to explain things better to people because I have had the same worries and concerns as they may have had about trying something new".

Helen is a big believer in individual person-centred support and in educating communities on how to better support people with hearing loss. 

Outside of work, Helen has two very active little boys who certainly keep her on her toes and a ginger and white cat called Enid. Helen loves wildlife, pottering in the garden and fresh air.