How to live with hearing loss

How to live with hearing loss

The Resource and Rehabilitation Service carries out needs assessments and facilitates equipment provision (either statutory or self funded), and providing follow up visits to ensure the equipment is satisfactory and being utilised to its full potential.

Resource Centre 

You can get an assessment to see if any equipment can help you with hearing loss. Some examples if the types of equipment are:

  • Smoke Alarm – fitted on behalf of North Wales Fire and Rescue Service (NWFRS) 
  • Television - advise on subtitles or Loops & Personal Listeners 
  • Listening Equipment - advise on and demonstration Personal Listener 
  • Alarm Clocks – demonstration and advise on private purchases  

We are non profit and make no money from the sale of equipment. This ensures we can give you unrestricted advice and support. We also have equipment which you can try before making any decisions.

This service is by appointment only. To book an appointment call 01492 530013 or text 07719410355. You can also email us here.

Hearing Loss Support

When we support people with a hearing loss and we do not only see improvement in people's hearing. We also see an improvement in people's lives. This is Sandra's story. We'll let her tell it.